It creates time for your presentations that you have to prepare in your business life, at home for your children and out for your lover..

It cannot coo for you,
but it presents you time to cook..

Maybe it cannot find a special caretaker for your child; but it allows you to spend longer time with your child ...
May be it cannot send a rose to your lover from far away; but it gives you time for the lovely moments you will give to your lover..

When it is snowing, while waiting for Metrobus; it makes you quickly arrive in your warm bathroom that you dream of..

It provides you with access to tens of thousands of people waiting like you in the mass transportation and traffic congestion..
It instantly communicates to you the closed roads and the routes that suddenly change in a night or that are not accessible any more with the user experience..

Telling you the roads where accidents occur, that are closed and/or inaccessible because of roadwork in access with other users; it saves you from the traffic problem as soon as possible..

In short, maybe we cannot say that it cooks stuffing, make pies, makes presentations, makes you promote and open yourself to the love of your love in your place; but it gives you time to do all these things..

Traffic Shall Not Be Your Sorrow Any More ..