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According to the list prepared by the Dutch navigation producer TomTom ,the city with the worst traffic among the 146 cities examined was Istanbul.

According to TomTom's report, drivers accross the world spend an average of extra 100 hours in traffic in the evening hours each year and this time reaches 125 hours in Istanbul.
There worse details related to Turkey, and Istanbul in particular:

Ranking in the world compared to other big cities: 1/146

Traffic congestion rate on highways: 79%

Traffic congestion on crossroads: 50%

Daily delay time in traffic: 29 minutes

Yearly delay time in traffic: 110 hours

Well, just Istanbul? Bodrum, where traffic is like Etiler – Ulus route in summer months… What about İzmir? According to TUİK data, the number of "White-collar employees" coming to İzmir in 2017 is 17.000 ...This means that an average of 17,000 vehicles joined the traffic.. Izmir is not ready for this yet.. 
For example Ayvalık ... Even though a brand new bridge has been made in Ayvalık, holiday-makers returning after the pleasure of watching the sunset who go to the fish restaurant not in time for dinner, but almost for sleeping..
We should also mention Ankara .. Its metro is already very crowded, so is Eskisehir road and are the orbital roads ... So, we are a group of entrepreneurs from Izmir who helplessly “present their presence” to the traffic congection waiting for 34 hours a year and who say “Traffic is not our fate, but our sorrow”.

We do not want to feel sorrowful any more sad and want to make traffic fun. If we wasting our socialization time in traffic, then we say that we could socialize in traffic..
If half of our lives is spent by using metrobus, bus and dolmush, then we could make use of our waiting time and enjoy it together..
We could open ourselves with an application instead of sending news to that beautiful girl who we see in the ferry every day..  We could know beforehand when there is traffic congestion, where there is road work, if metrobus is out of order, if there is an accident in traffic lights instead of being a soothsayer..
For this reason, we put into practive this fun application…
Download it and let's have fun together ..
Let’s not be alone but together in the traffic… We don’t want to get bored individually.. Let's have a lot of fun ..