“ TRAFİTALK ” does not want us to be busy with our phone while driving.
TRAFFIC IS LIFE BUT NOW “OUR LIFE IS TRAFFIC” “Traffic is Life” ... We should be careful in traffic and follow all traffic rules...However, today it becomes like “Our Life is Traffic... When it is considered that one of the biggest problems of Metropolises where we spent 4,5 years of our life in traffic is the time spent while going from some location to other location, and that it takes approximately 100 minutes to cover the distance which is normally supposed to take 30 minutes in all this chaos, we live in traffic, we eat in traffic, pretty much we even shave in traffic, we do make up in traffic.

Traffic manages and controls us. We lose cash and time and unfortunately our life safety is in danger time to time.

With TRAFİTALK, the control of all of this is in our hands now.
With TRAFİTALK, the control of all of this is in our hands now.
Thanks to TRAFİTALK, You can arrange your waiting time in traffic by means of notifications and being in communication with others and you can find alternative ways. This helps you gain time and cash.
We spend not only fuel in traffic but also the time we will spend for socializing. However,
you can socialize with people sharing the same inevitable waiting with you while you are in traffic by means of TRAFİTALK.
“Traffic is a social order whose rules are mostly the same all over the world.” Notwithstanding, in many metropolises of the world this order continues in disorderliness. Traffic has become almost a “prediction” art. It has become a prediction and long-sightedness art starting with the sentences such as “I wonder which road is closed this evening...”, ”Should I use the bridge?...”, “There is so many dogs here which one will rush out”, “There is strike in public transportation, - where does have heavy traffic?”, “There is an accident on my way, which road should I prefer?”,
Thanks to TRAFİTALK you can find answers for your questions and choose the shortest ways which will help you gain time.
Victor Hugo said: “A thousand languages do not have the power of a glance- A glance is sometimes a cure, sometimes is a poisonous arrow. 
It is enough that you exchange glances with the person passing by in rush..!!
Maybe the love your life is on the same road with you waiting in the bus, tramway or vehicle before you, maybe the destiny have not crossed your paths yet....

Thanks to TRAFİTALK, you can communicate with everybody in the traffic and find many things to share...
You are waiting for a metrobus; however maybe the metrobus you waiting for is full and there is not a single room to get in. You can know this only by getting in touch with someone in the metrobus you waiting for and by texting via notifications, and you can immediately set another route for yourself... And now you do not have to wait for the full metrobus for nothing, thanks to the person or people you communicate.